Business Consulting

At Winter Business Consulting we focus on Interims Management projects in the area of Finance and General Management. With our Interims Management services our clients benefit from instant access to top management resources. As Interims Managers we work truly in the best interest of the company. The Interims Manager’s independent view allows for much faster and more consequent target achievement than with internal resources. With our Interims Management services we provide a fast, effective and cost efficient solution for success- and profitability critical situations.

Winter Business Consulting takes over restructuring projects at sales & marketing, services and smaller production companies. Often a company must take immediate actions to mitigate and overcome a critical situation. At Winter Business Consulting we are capable to conduct the required analysis very fast, define key success drivers and then to develop an implementation plan for the required restructuring measures.

At Winter Business Consulting we are also interested to take over Business Development projects. With our Business Development services we support our clients in the development of their organization and products in order to be prepared for the future. With our interdisciplinary approach and out of the box thinking we help our clients to identify the right directions to go and the measures to take to achieve their goal.